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Victoria Secret announces show in London!


I'm overly excited about this as well as the date that the show (2 December/My birthday)! It's official Victoria Secret Angels are coming to UK. The show will take place in London's Earl's court later this year for their most talked about and biggest show that everyone is willing to clean their calendars for. Adrianna Lima and Candice Swanepoel appeared in the Victoria secret store on Bond street on Tuesday. Victoria's Secret Fashion show's are associated with America. Previously company wanted to keep to their American roots as well as Vicoria's Secret wasn't really known in the UK. However after opening six new stores all around UK the company feels that now is the right time to launch their extravaganza show in London. Show's previously appeared in Miami, Los Angeles and New York so "Its natural that London is the next step" - Adriana Lima has revealed to the press. This is definitely going to be the most talked about show of the entire year! I cannot wait.