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Chanel takes over Dubai


If Chanel were a city it would be Dubai. No wonder Karl decided to launch his fall 2014 Couture as the collection totally reflects the cities image. The collection is taken inspiration from the city itself as well as the culture within the Middle East. Karl stayed true to his recognisable and classic Chanel clean and smart cut which reflects the women of Dubai. The accessories where to ask - real or fake. This question is asked as the accessories warren's their best. Karl Lagerfeld created his own brand in watches and jewellery which doesn't have a good response for the clients. I really think the accessories came across as tacky and made the £1,500.00 jacket look £50.00. Sticking with the garnets - as I said the cut was true to Chanel's brand. I like that Karl is keeping it really chic and carrying on with the Chanel's classic image.