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Fall outfit


Hey Guys!

Post on my favourite pieces and inspirations for future shopping list. I already apologise for the damage you will do after you see this post. I am currently looking online shopping for the perfect winter coat. Hope you enjoy the post! Leave comment below telling me what's your favourite and create POLYVORE to show me your outfits!...

I love grey more that fat kid loves cake. I have been obsessed with different shades this fall and pairing it with navy and gold. It makes my outfit look much more expensive (than they are) and more put together. As I live in London comfort is the key... but I love wearing heels to Uni, in that case I'd take spare flats incase my beautiful heels would fail me in the day.

Perfect black dress


I have been EYEING up this dress in WHISTLES since it come to the stores last friday-obsessed. I'd pair it with more casual footwear such as these beautiful 3.1 Phillip Lim Black Alexa Moto Zip Leather Ankle boots - it adds youthfulness and relax feel to the outfit. Adding simple makeup and hair will make the outfit look more chic and professional, the same with accessories keeping it the same gold and adding statement pieces makes the outfit clean.

Grey Fall


This TOPSHOP waistcoat needs to be in my wardrobe by the end of this week, perfect for Fall layering. (I feel that making posts like this seriously damages my wallet). This outfit you will see on me majority of the week. I love pairing casual with smart, Jeans > Smart waist coat. colour combination looks a bit plain so adding NARS lip crayon in red will make our outfit more polished by having clean makeup with bold lips - and perfectly groomed eyebrows of course.



In the perfect world this would be my everyday waistcoat/outerwear but for now, ill stick to my beloved Zara waistcoat. This is another perfect example what I have been wearing and what I will be wearing until I'm forced to wear my winter jackets/coats which is hopefully not until December. I love white tops I have way too many of those, however it's an amazing piece to have in your wardrobe (or 5) when you're running late.