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Hey guys!

This post is dedicated to my current favourite nail polishes that I have been loving this summer. I am obsessed when it comes to nail polish and I am a huge fan of Revlon and Barry M... And many more of course. However this summer I have been switching between these two nail polishes.

Revlon : 990 One perfect Coral | (£6.49) | is just what it says on the bottle, the polish in the bottle is true to when you paint your nails. Sometimes when I purchase a nail polish the colour slightly changes when it dries, this is why I love this Revlon nail polish the colour stays true.

Barry M : 272 shocking pink | (£2.99) | I just LOVE this nail polish ! It looks stunning on my nails against my summer tan, I think it actually makes you look more tanned! It's this perfect coral hot pink that I've been searching for ages. I have a very similar pink nail polish from OPI but it has shimmer in it that I don't particularly like. I am a huge fan of Barry M the prices (£2.99!) are amazing for the nail polish quality and the range of colours they provide.