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Perfect Wish List

Hey Guys !

As Christmas is approaching I made my perfect wish list. I know the items that I've picked out are quite expensive, but if I lived in a perfect world these would be items I would love to receive!
Firstly, I really would like to see what the whole fuss is about with Alexa's new book. I did have a look at it when I was shopping and I actually love the way she is presenting the photographs and the text. Next, Shu uemura Eyelash curler. I never had luck with eyelash curlers they would always make my eyelashes shorter ! (yes, its possible!). I am in LOVE with the new Armani watch, I was looking for a perfect watch for a long time. I have a Marc Jacobs watch in gold but its a bit too big for everyday wear, also I'd want something more feminine and I think the silver with rose gold looks so pretty. I have a huge love for COS clothing, however at this time of year I can't let myself splurge on clothes from there. I saw this dress while shopping and I fell in love, there is something with me and grey and white colours, I can't get out of it recently. finally, is Maison Martin Margiela Perfume (Soft skin and Bed Linen) one word - obsessed !