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Hey guys,

Something a little different on my blog today. Company Sugar+Style is an upcoming brand which sells very cute girly and vintage pieces on their website. I am in LOVE with Mary-Ann Embroidered Soft Fluffy Jumper, its a perfect jumper for the festive season!

 Anyway, Sugar+Style are new to the fashion industry and they need YOUR help to make the brand expand. They created a project were if you help them grow you can gain amazing rewards!
What they are offering to give are products from their website when you donate to help the brand expand. For example, donating a fair amount of money such as £10.00 you can receive a stunning gift wrapped stopwatch pendent, or if you were to contribute £99.00 then you'd get a voucher worth £130 to spend on their website! Remember the donations doesn't have to be HUGE its all up to you, it can range from £5.00 up to £99.00.

You are probably wondering what the donations for, all of the money from the donations go towards their new POP UP store in Westfield, East London Shopping centre where you can come and support the brand, have a look and shop for the biggest trends that Sugar+Style offers! I feel like this brand has a bright future and the donations are amazing as you always get something in return!

For more information go to : www.wearethemillion.com/campaigns/sugar_style

Mary-Ann Embroidered Soft Fluffy Jumper: