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New purchases!

Hey guys,

I seriously think I have a problem with spending money recently, I can't pass a shop without buying something. Anyway, this weeks purchases are one of my favourite! 

1) I was on a hunt for the perfect slip-ons for a long time and I am bored of the plain black or leopard Celine dupes that everyone nowadays have, so I wanted to go with something different. I love the snake print on these as they give a lot of texture to my outfits even when I wear very simple and cosy tops and jeans! They are really comfortable however, my first day was a nightmare when the shoes were cutting my feet, but now they are the most comfortable pair I own. 

2) Another thing I purchased is this powder blue H&M bag that I'm in love with and will wear to DEATH in spring and summer! It's really summery and feminine, just what I need in my new wardrobe. I am urging to whip it out and wear it out, but the sun really needs to come out soon. Its a decent size which means I can use it for everyday use, travel and Uni. It feels really well made and stable. H&M stocks a lot of colours in this particular style : Black, Blue and Beige. 

3) This blazer was an impulse buy that I really don't regret buying. When I found out that this blazer was reduced from £68.00 to £10.00 I had to have it. The material and cut is just perfect and it feels really luxurious for Topshop and the statement pockets make the outfit even more interesting!

4) Last and certainly not least is the CUTE red skirt that I found in H&M. Its super girly and will make any outfit more feminine, this is another item I can't wait to wear out in the sunny weather. The material on this is very thick and it gives you security of flashing pedestrians. I am really in love with the colour as its so bright and is just what I need for the spring weather!
(not on the H&M website)