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Current makeup.

Hey guys!

Today's post supposed to be about my outfit of the day but I couldn't get any decent picture of my outfit outside as it got really dark when I got back home, but I will add pictures that I took just before leaving my house.
This post however will be about my current make-up and what I usually wear on my face. On day to day basis I don't tend to wear a lot of make up: foundation, bronzer,mascara and I'm all good to go. However sometimes I like to try out some new make up and make more effort with my face looking good.

 Firstly, base. This foundation has been my favourite for a long time, i rely like the dewy finish and the way it doesn't make my makeup feel 'heavy' or dry. I have combination skin, so sometimes my skin can be terribly dry and this is the bet foundation for that time. I will still say Dior foundation has to be my NO.1 but this one comes close to it.

 I am a huge fan of Laura Mercier makeup as well as skin care. This however is pressed foundation that I like to use as a powder - breaking rules here. But as I mentioned using such a light coverage foundation allows me to add more coverage for my skin and slightly mattifyies the skin but still makes my skin look fresh. I also use this foundation for under eyes it brightens and makes your face look more awake when you really need it!

 This bronzer has been my favourite since I got it, however now I am really getting bored of the matt finish of this particular bronzer. I am on a hunt for the perfect slightly shimmery bronzer with less red pigment than this one. On the other hand I find this bronzer really good for conturing and defining your face.

 This has to be the best concealer I have ever used, Its so creamy and it never creases under my eyes I do use it with the Laura Mercier foundation on top but this baby hides any imperfection on your face I will re-purchase this to death.

I'm a sucker for a good lip balm, I will choose it over any lipstick. This product leaves your lips so smooth and moisturised you wouldn't want to put any lip stain/lipstick on top. It has slight tint to it which gives more interesting finish rather than your standard carmex. It isn't sticky and gloopy, it glides on your lips like butter. Thumbs up !

 Can you tell I love this product? I purchased it last year and I'm still using it! its amazing how much product you get with this, I really was regretting buying it at first when I found out it costs £23.00 when I could get MUA brow kit for £4.00. But now I don't regret a thing its a perfect mach for my brows and its shapes them perfectly.

 I don't thing this needs any explanation. I will never ever purchase different mascara after using this one. It makes my eyelashes look fake - in a really good way. It holds the curl and the top of the brush is perfect for corners and bottom lashes.

Im really surprised how much i like this blush. The camera doesn't do the justest at all, its slightly shimmery and gives really nice 'i was just running around' but not to much look to your cheeks! Its really buildable so you don't need to worry about putting too much on your cheeks. 


Coat | Reserved
Shoes | H&M
Jumper | Primark
Jeans | Zara

Klaudia x