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My Acne Cure!

Hey guys!

This post is highly dedicated to my merciless that helped me to get rid of my acne when I really needed it! From age of 14 I struggled with acne and my worse decision was to use highstereet products on my super sensitive skin(I didn't know at that time). Products such as Clerasil made my skin much worse as this particular product is really heavy and harsh for my skin. After going through up's and down's with my skin I decided to invest in something more expensive (yes, I was 15 Clinique was way too expensive for my pocket money!). I remember when I went into Clinique and lady talked me through different products that will be perfect for my skin and after 2 bottles of anti-blemish foam and 1-2-3 solution my skin cleared out in one month completely!
I was really gutted I didn't use Clinique before as it honestly did all the goods for my skin.

Clinique 1-2-3 Solution.

This particular cleanser is really gentle on the skin has no perfume and no harsh particles. After taking off your make up and making sure your skin is make-up free, wash your face with warm water and apply 2 pumps of the cleansing foam and gently massage it into your face. You will realise that it almost cools your sore skin after a long day and makes it feel squeaky clean and un-irratated. Apply every morning and evening for the best results.

Second step for clearer skin is this baby! Unfortunately I run out of the full size one but theres a little sample when you get when you purchase any Clinique products which is great if you want to try some of their products at home, and potentially buy it later on. This product is quite stripping and you can definitely feel your skin being stripped out of all of the dirt on your skin, please void your eyes trust me it's not pleasant! 

Until this day I use this moisturiser, as its gel based it doesn't make my oil skin even more oily like some different products. It leaves your skin really nourished but not greasy for a long time. This product is perfect when you have a bad skin day (e.g. me now) it makes your skiing really fresh and moisturised. Use everyday morning and evening for better flawless skin!

Love Klaudia