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New buys - Origins and REN

Hey guys!

I am a skin care freak (if you haven't noticed) and I love trying out new products that will benefit my skin. Few days ago I made a trip to Space NK and Bigger boots to search for some potential favourites for my skin. Firstly I went to Space NK to actually ask for a sample of NARS sheer glow to see how if looks on through the day (that's a noter post). Anyway, I was really interested in trying out some of the serums from REN as they are aiming for younger skin and support ' REN CLEAN SKINCARE' which means their products don't have harsh chemicals that can be find in majority of skincare products.
I chose Omega 3 Optimum skin serum oil as the lady really recommended it to me and it the idea of omega 3 and that my skin will feel plumper and healthier just sold it to me! I tried it on as soon as I took my make up off and i find the product really easy to use all you need is 2 to 3 pumps of the product and just spread it all over your face evenly and let it sink in. This product does feel quite greasy and it takes time to sink in so I wouldn't recommend using it in the morning just before putting makeup on. However in the morning my face felt super clean and nourished and ready!
Another amazing product that I've wanted to try for the ingest time is the Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight mask, its the best smelling product I have in my beauty collection. If you're familiar with Origins product you know their product smells are to DIE for, this one has sent of mangos and as my skin is usually very anti-fragrance this particular product works really well with my fussy skin. Initially it's (as it's says) overnight mask which contains Hyaluronic acid and Apricot Kernel Oil that instantly quiches compromised skin. It makes your skin feel awake, refreshed and ready to face the day. I recommend using it twice to three times a week just before bedtime. 100ml of this product goes a LONG way as you don't need a lot of product as its quite rich formula that covers your face. Both of the products are more on the pricey side but it will really last you a long time to go through both of them!