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H&M CONSCIOUS I CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE | H&M introducing environment friendly collection.

Look good in organic.

We are crazy about everything organic, healthy and natural. H&M certainly gets US people and our needs of making the environment friendly. from 10th of April H&M will launch their H&M CONSCIOUS I CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE collection in selected stores around the world. The Swedish brand is trying to get their clients involved in heathy living and by introducing them to 'Clever Care' -showing how they can turn their garments eco friendly in the future.From the start people will think that organic clothing can be only worn by the hippies, not in this collection. A lot of brands have been trying to make fashion more ECO friendly and recycling garments into something more fashionable and suitable for the society. The Look book is available on the H&M official website which introduces you to the new collection. Images are rich and sharp, it doesn't have the organic feel as their previous collection which included more earthy and natural vibes. H&M definitely stepped up with the collection and making it really modern and high fashion inspired. A lot of the trends (embroidery, lace, 3d Japanese patterns) are taken straight form the lasted catwalk shows. Clothing is well designed and will definitely be a huge hit in the high street fashion, with the fashion designer influence. Ecological garments and great designs its just a perfect match for your wardrobe.