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OOTD : Lime Green

Hey guys! 

Amazing day in london, sunny, and hot for the first time in ages! I decided to go up to london and do some more shopping as if I need to, however I am collectingm y buys for a big haul video/blog. A little sneak peak of what I got is in the last picture, I was looking for this brackets for the longest time and I finally got myself to purchase it. I'm a huge silver lover and the brancelets came in 2's (gold,silver) this was the only reasons I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend £19.99 on 2 when I really wanted one. You get the jist. Then again I went to Space NK, I really think I have a problem as I've been there twice this week and leaving the store with some purchases. All the links to the items are down below, I hope you had an amazing day just like I did!

Top | ZARA
Trousers | ZARA (not on the website)
Jacket | Topshop Sale
Shoes | H&M
Watch |Michael Kors
Bag | H&M
Bracelet | ZARA (not on the website, stocked in a lot of stores)