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Wipe that smile ON your face!

Hey guys!

Long-time no "blog" - I guess. As summer’s kicked in, I've been doing nothing but working 24/7. So I've promised myself to blog at LEAST once a week. Staring from today.

A little update: I will be posting fashion news e.g. Fashion events, Fashion week snaps as well as new fashion predictions/ trends. This involves my University project which I'd want to combine as I don't feel that writing 2 separate blogs on the same topic is necessary. Anyway, this introduction was way too long than expected, let's talk about beauty.
When shopping in Boots (3 for 2) I came across these facial wipes which contain certain acids to help out and improve your skin. yesto brand created 4 different face wipes for different purposes. The only one that I wasn't particularly interested in was the anti-aging blueberry face wipes which I don't think I need just yet. However, the other 3 packs appealed to me extremely. 

1) Cucumber nourishing face wipes - They are your standard face wipes. A little bit harsh on the skin when first used but are great for taking your foundation off before cleansing your skin completely of any dirt. My first reaction was OK, I wasn't completely impressed and I wouldn't classify these face wipes as the "holy grail". However, they do what they say on the box - cleanse and nourish leaving your skin soft and ready for the next day. Personally I like using these face wipes in the morning after a gentle cleanse to wake myself up and get ready for the day.
Price: £3.99 BUY HERE

2) Grape fruit face wipes - one word: AMAZING. I was very sceptical about the result I would achieve with these face wipes, but I gave them a try. When I first used this product I honestly thought I was burning my face off with the acid. It was really harsh and irritating to the point I wanted to wash my face with cold water. As a person with the most sensitive skin, I was scared that I would break out the next morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see clear and hydrated skin in the morning. I usually have good skin after using a new product and then it goes downhill but not with this! I use this once or twice a week to get rid of any dirt and imperfections on my skin and wake up with fresh and flawless skin in the morning. Going back to the irritated skin - my skin is getting along with the product after using if for almost 3 weeks, I had no problem and no break outs. I recommended this particular face wipe to anyone that has the odd break outs and just wants to avoid bad skin days as these babies will do the job to maintain your skin looking flawless. 

Price: £3.99 BUY HERE

3) Carrot nourishing wipes - probably the most gentle out of the three. It’s great on a hot day to take off your make up and cool your skin, it gives you a great nourishment to it too. I've used this pack the least out of the 3 as I feel that it's fairly similar to the cucumber pack which I am using at the moment. I don't want to be using two packs of the products as it will dry out the wipes in the other box.

Price: £3.99 BUY HERE

Overall, I am really pleased with the product and the brand as you get the results you expect after reading the description on the box. I am yet going to try out more of the products from this particular brand as its super affordable (Prices from £3.00-£17.00). They stock a lot of different products for different skin types which is great as everyone is able to try out their products. They have a huge variety of cleanses, face moisturises, etc. they stock it in Boots and John Lewis. Highly recommended and I hope you love it as much as I do.