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Outfit of the day

Hey guys,

Just a quick outfit of the day, I have been working a lot this summer which is slowing me down running my blog. I am going to be posting outfits of the day weekly. This is an outfit I've been chucking on most of my days as its easy and very London friendly! The weather has been playing up recently and I never know what to wear for a day out to make sure I won't be too hot or too cold. I decided to put on a cut out top (WHISTLES) which keeps me cool and ripped jeans (TOPSHOP) which will keep me warmer if the weather changes throughout the day. Adding my gold bracelet (WHISTLES), ring which was given to me from my great grandma and Marc Jacobs watch (MARC JACOBS) to make the whole look look put together. I also paired my leopard pumps to give some texture and print to the outfit completes the whole look (OFFICE). Finally adding a chunky bag for the long days out will complete the whole outfit! (bag was a present).