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" Couture Clean" - W magazine

Traina Snow - daughter of two influential parents, couture collector and novelist Danielle Steel an Joseph Traina (whom died in 2011) the vintner. From young age Vanessa was exposed to world of fashion attending couture fittings with her sisters  and mother, playing dress-up in the most amazing couture designs from the 80's from Chanel and Versace. From that Traina Snow developed her effortless sense of dressing, companied with no make-up makeup and straight sleek hair. Her immaculate sense of style includes a lot of textures, shapes and monotone colours. Her combination with simple dressing and adding minimalistic amount of jewellery makes Traina Snow have her identity and uniqueness to her style. She isn't massive on jewellery however she likes her pieces to have sentimental value -"I am drawn to things that have stories behind them which is probably why I'm so attract to antiques and odd ,vintage trinkets." There are two pieces which Vanessa carries with her all the time, her engagement ring from her husband from 2 years Max, designed by James de Givenchy and her signet from her dad for her sweet 16 birthday.

Vanessa, also is a consultant to her influential friends such as Alexander Wang, Balenciaga and Joseph Attuzarra whom she interned at Conde Nast (French Vogue). Her sense of style an wardrobe designs vary from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Portogonist and C √©line, however she likes to mix and match her new collection luxury designer pieces with vintage Levi's and hand-me-down Hermes bag. She reviled that she likes her outfits to feel comfortable at all times this is why she keeps her outfits "smart-casual' at all times. Her layer back style never lacks class and sophistication. She is a muse to a lot of fashionistas and designers, she brings fresh air to the fashion table. 
In 2012 Vanesssa got married to her fiancé Max Snow, for her low-key wedding she picked out custom made laced Givenchy Haute Couture gown which 'wow'ed' the crowd. Her vail added sotftess to the whole outfit for the special day - this time she wasn't playing dress-up in her mum's wardrobe but finally became princess of her own.