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Product Review - REN detox mask

Hey guys!

Let’s talk about skincare – again, I am huge on healthy and flawless skin. Recently I've been trying out this REN invisible pores detox mask (£18.00) to improve on my skin texture and by focusing on my large pores. It's a detoxifying clay mask which cleanses and reduces appearance and size of pores leaving the skin purified and toned. I was really happy with the results that I achieved with this product as it reduced the size of my pores and blackheads (gross). It draws out the impurities and leaves your skin fresh and smooth. The best way to use face masks in general (in my opinion) is to apply a generous amount of the product by using a foundation brush - which you don't use for makeup purposes and evenly spread all around your face. Allow it to dry until the mask can be removed by gently rubbing the skin with your fingertips, then use face wipes or rinse with warm water. Finally, applying that with your everyday moisturiser. In the pictures below you can see the product working on my skin, it doesn't look really appealing but you can see it getting rid of all of the dirt and cleansing my skin out of its imperfections.

 Not a perfect skin! - no, no.