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Night time routine

Hey guys!

I decided to make this very quick post about my night time routine and what products I usually use before going bed.
  After I shower and wash my hair (I was my hair every other day) I put the L'OREAL extraordinary oil just to the ends of my hair to stay healthy and breakage free, along with the oil I spray the Bumble and Bumble thickening spray. I have naturally thick hair but this product just makes my hair feel ad seem very healthy and makes my hair easy to style next day, the product had this specific almost clinical smell like when you go to your dentist ! It's almost a love/hate relationship with the smell of the product. 
Next: My face.
For my face I've been loving the La Roche-posay products as they work just perfectly with my skin type. I've researched this particular brand and read all the reviews for the products I was interested in buying. Firstly from this brand I'm using Purifying foaming gel for oily sensitive skin. It's the perfect face cleanser for me as I am really allergic to any type perfumed products. Next i gently cleanse my skin with Bioderma to get the last bits of make up off. Then I moisturise my skin with the EFFECLAR MAT as the cleanser dries my skin, it's a good balance as the moisturiser sinks in almost immediately. For any imperfections I use EFFECLAR A.I. It gets rid of any imperfections that you simply don't want in your life!
Last product is a sample that I will be running down to BOOTS to purchase as soon as it runs out. I simply can't sleep without it! It's THISWORKS deep sleep pillow spray, I tend to spray it on my pillow once and it just helps me relax before sleep. It's a lavender smell which I adore, however if you go crazy (like I did when I first got it) and spray your whole bed with it you are not guaranteed a good sleep ! (It's so strong!) 

So there you go guys ! I really recommend these products as they work for me and make my life a bit easier! 

From left: La Roche-Posay EFFECLAR mat cream, EFFECLAR face cleanser , EFFECLAR a.i , BIODERMA, Bumble and bumble thickening spray, L'OREAL extraordinary oil.
Purchased in BOOTS/EBAY