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What's on my face?

Hey guys!

Today I'm dedicating my post to my everyday make-up. I've been asked many times how I do my make up and what products I use so I decided to show you that In this post. I tend to wear very light make up with a hint of bright lip. I use to wear heavy eyeliner everyday but I much prefer wearing simple natural make up as it suits me better than heavy make up. I stick to my favourites in this post such as my YSL foundation. 
Firstly, for the base I use a primer I purchased in Poland from a brand called AA. I've already done a review about this product in my previous post, it's a perfect primer for my sensitive skin. I am very allergic to any perfumed products and this primer is very gentle on my skin and what's most important is that it doesn't brake me out! Then I use one pump of my YSL foundation in B50, it's a perfect foundation for hot summer days. Then I used my favourite blusher from sleek; rose gold. It's very similar to the NARS orgasm blusher. It highlights and adds just perfect natural blush. For under my eye and any blemishes I use collection concealer in medium 3, I love the coverage of this concealer and also it's a perfect match. For mascara I recently started using MEGA VOLUME COLLAGENE 24 in black smoke. I love this mascara so far, I have long eyelashes so it works perfectly to give me thick and black long lashes! For the hint of colour I put TOPSHOP BRIGHT ROCK lipstick in a bright pink, it's very summery and it just completes the look!
I really hope you enjoyed this post and for any questions ask me in the comments !




Close up. I look like a bug.