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Product Review: Clinique Take the day off cleansing Balm

Hey guys!

A week ago I purchased Clinique Take the day off cleansing Balm and I must say I'm in love with this product! I am a huge fan of Clinique as in my teen's I was struggling with bad acne (like most of us) and majority of the product I used for my skin - just made it worse as my skin is super sensitive. The only thing that helped me fight my bad skin was this particular brand,so I knew my skin won't have a bad reaction to the product. I was looking for it everywhere but as it's so popular with the customers it was hard to get my hands on it, but after few days searching I finally found it in one of the bigger Boots store around my area.
At the beginning I really didn't know how to use this product, I thought it was meant to be used just like any other cleansers - wet your face and take the makeup off... no. This cleanser is to be used on dry skin, the consistency of it is really greasy but it leaves no resadue on the skin. Massage the product into your skin and concentrate on the eye area, it takes of water proof mascara! After this step just wet your face towel and gently take of your make up. Simple as that!
As I mentioned this product can be used on super sensitive skin and it wont harm your skin at any point.

Link to where you can purchase the product:
Clinique Take the day off.